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I met Ellie when my son was about 5 months old.  Up till that point my breastfeeding experience had been filled with a lot of struggle and pain - physical and emotional.  We were just coming out of having the tongue and lip tie corrective surgery about 2 weeks prior and on top of that, I was plagued with dark thoughts that only hit me during night feedings. I didn’t understand these feelings of wanting to escape my body or harm my child and the thoughts frightened me.

I reached out to Ellie and she responded within hours to  my email and the next morning we spoke.  She helped me understand these thoughts were called Breastfeeding Aversion and Agitation and helped me feel like I was not alone.  She also helped me re-teach my son how to breastfeed since he had to learn a new way of latching after the tongue tie revision.  My son refused bottles so I was feeling hopeless and desperate.  She helped me find hope when I wanted so desperately to quit and give up.  

  - Laura A, Mother of 1

Ellie uses her professional and experiential knowledge to brainstorm with you and find ideas of things to try or experiment with so that we could find the best solution to help me and my son through whatever struggle we were experiencing.  Ellie is a great advocate and a wonderful person to work with.  You will learn a lot from her and you will gain confidence!  -Jessica J, Mother of 9

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